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Dieting Dos and Donts

8 classes, 8 weeks

An 8-week educational course, with Live Q&A. Each class is 2 hours in length. Presentations last 35-45 minutes with the remainder for taking questions.

What you can get

The full package

The 8-week educational webinar series + 6 months additional coaching with weekly guidance and 3 check-ins per week ($5400 value) for only $3000 if you pre-register today.


Webinar Only

Live 8-week webinar series ($2400 value) for only $1500 if you pre-register today. Each participant will receive an additional private 1 hour consult with a registered dietitian for their own personal needs.

The Sessions

Sessions will cover topics such as nutrition information and claims, chemicals in food, food processing, food sources, insulin, hormones, psychology, and more. Webinars will be held on Fridays and Sundays at 2:30pm. Payments must be received prior to class start date. Direct any further questions to [email protected].

1 Misinformation In Nutrition
2 The Claims vs. The Data
3 Conventional vs. Organic Food
4 Chemicals in Food, Farming, and Production
5 Plant vs. Animal Sources
6 Fad Diets and Dieting Culture
7 Psychology and Food
8 Managing Calorie Budgets Effectively

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