Eating for
your goals.


What we do

We specifically design a meal plan with foods you like that will help you reach your goals.

Who am I?

I was a collegiate athlete who served in the military that has passion for the fitness industry.

No contracts

We work on a monthly basis without any contracts.

No supplements

No supplements, wraps, shakes, detox programs, miracle pills will ever be marketed to you.



Virtual trainers at PittFit will design your meal plan, keep in communication with you, and will make adjustments when necessary.

Your daily relationship with your PittFit trainer will be checking in with your Trainer and providing:

  • Your Weight
  • Goals / Food / Sleep Information
  • Measurements every 10 days
  • Pictures every 10 days


Your virtual trainer will build meal plans based on foods you like to eat. Your meals are designed around your specific, targeted goals so that you will burn body fat, retain muscle, have energy, and you will not go hungry.


The goals your trainer gives you are targeted to you. During your journey you will reach plateaus. When that time comes adjustments will have to be made. It is not a question of if you hit a plateau. It is when you will.

  • If your end-goal is to lean-out and burn body fat you will undergo a reverse-diet at the end of your cut.
  • If your end-goal is only to bulk and build mass no reverse-diet is needed.
  • You may do both if you want. You cannot do them at the same time.

Daily Schedule

  1. Every day you will login and record your weight, estimated sleep, and specific details from the previous days food intake.
  2. Every 10 days you will submit pictures and measurements.

My Journey